Why Yieldex?

We help premium digital publishers dramatically increase their revenue - double, triple or even quadruple in some cases - by providing hyper-accurate inventory analysis, forecasting and pricing.

What We Do

Yieldex tracks every impression on your site and uses patented algorithms to unravel complex audience segment overlaps to provide publishers with an accurate picture of their inventory, historically and looking out into the future. These insights give publishers the ability to identify and leverage their most valuable inventory and maximize ad revenue.

Why Clients Work With Us

Publishers work with Yieldex because they recognize that premium inventory is their most valuable asset and optimizing this resource will have the greatest impact on their bottom line. Yieldex is the market leader in the Yield Management space because it offers an unrivaled package of technology, support and publishing expertise.

What Makes Us Different

Yieldex tracks every impression on a publisher's site and processes terabytes of data to provide a reliable picture of ad inventory on a daily basis. Other vendors use a sampling method to look at a small slice of impressions in an effort to give a close estimate of site inventory. At Yieldex, close doesn't cut it because our partners demand the most accurate data possible to help them make critical business decisions.

The Kind of Results We Deliver

Here are two examples of actual Yieldex clients that saw their revenue and eCPMs grow dramatically while impressions stayed flat. Make sure you request a demo to see how you can achieve results like these for your company.

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Yieldex Results Chart 1 Yieldex Results Chart 2

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