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Yieldex's patented technology accurately predicts what lies ahead.

The world’s leading Publishers rely on Yieldex for forward-looking insights that help them grow their business. Advertisers work with us because they know they’ll get what they paid for – guaranteed access to high-quality audiences.

Yieldex is the leading provider of digital ad forecasting, analytic pricing and marketplace tools for publishers and advertisers.

Yieldex Analytics and YieldexDirect

Two powerful platforms powered by Yieldex

Unleash new revenue opportunities with powerful, data-driven insights from Yieldex Analytics

analyticsDigital publishers need accurate data to attract the best brand advertisers — but getting that data means running several platforms to see just pieces of the data puzzle.

Yieldex Analytics gives you a complete picture of all your data. Sitting at the top of your ad stack, our platform tracks every last mobile, video and display impression, so you see your full ad sales potential. Unravel complex audience and content overlaps, look at past campaigns, and see how future campaigns are likely to perform. It’s your data – Yieldex Analytics shows you its true value.


  • Improve Forecasting

    Feel confident that your most profitable targeted campaigns are priced for success. Yieldex Analytics offers visibility into historical and forecasted inventory so you can understand your site’s capacity and make better decisions.

  • See Complete Availability

    You know how to sell content, but advertisers want to buy your audiences. Yieldex Analytics unravels overlapping pages and audiences, revealing your impressions across display, video and mobile channels.

  • Close More Deals

    Yieldex Analytics gives your sales managers data and insights to quickly turn around targeted advertiser proposals, giving them more negotiating power.

  • Expand Targeting

    You are always looking for ways to create new, more valuable packages for advertisers. Yieldex Analytics shows you how overlapping audience segments can uncover even more opportunities to sell targeted impressions.

  • Test A Campaign

    Would you like to see how even one change will affect a campaign? Yieldex Analytics lets you test campaign scenarios so you can see revenue gains and losses before you make changes in your ad server.

  • Save Time

    You need a unified view of all your competing sponsorships, but spreadsheets and shared calendars are tedious. Our sponsorship calendar gives everyone on your team access to sponsorship information in one place, saving valuable time and resources.

YieldexDirect. The best inventory from the best publishers is just a click away.

directAs digital publishing continues to move toward automated buying, advertisers are looking for targeted placements guided by the publisher’s own data.

YieldexDirect combines the best of direct sales with the best of automated guaranteed buying to create one transparent marketplace for digital advertising. With more than a third of the comScore top 100 publishers already using Yieldex Analytics, YieldexDirect gives advertisers a more efficient way to make guaranteed buys from multiple premium publishers.

  • Efficient Buying Made Easy

    Advertisers can access multiple premium publishers in one place and buy targeted, guaranteed inventory that’s relevant to their campaign goals with no strict minimum spending thresholds.

  • Transparency-Driven Value

    Publishers get the transparency they need to push the most value from every deal. They can see which audience segments advertisers want to buy, allocate impressions, and directly fulfill orders.

  • Multiple Access Points

    Advertisers can access YieldexDirect by working directly with Yieldex or through integrations the company has put in place with trading desks and demand-side platforms.

  • One Standard API

    YieldexDirect is the first programmatic platform to adhere to the common API standards agreed to by Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft.

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News organization discovers hidden revenue with Yieldex Analytics


Newspapers are always looking for new ways to grow their business. One major newspaper believed that better inventory forecasting would get them closer to their revenue goals. They set up a three-month test to compare forecasting accuracy between Yieldex Analytics and data from their ad server.


The comparison showed that Yieldex Analytics was more accurate at predicting inventory availability than the newspaper’s ad server. This enabled the sales team to book targeted deals across their site with more confidence and avoid overbooking, which strengthened their relationships with advertisers. Most importantly, the newspaper uncovered 320 million impressions representing more than $1.4 million in new revenue.
News organization discovers hidden revenue with Yieldex Analytics

Yieldex Analytics brings better visibility, efficiency and forecasting to automotive web site


One of the largest digital publishers of content for car shoppers came to Yieldex seeking a more sophisticated and streamlined system for gathering insights and getting a more accurate view of their inventory. To ensure they were getting the results they needed, the publisher conducted a two-month test to compare accuracy between forecasting from Yieldex Analytics and what actually happened.


The test revealed that Yieldex Analytics accurately predicted inventory volume and capacity more than 90% of the time, providing 30% more accuracy than the ad server. More accurate data enabled the publisher to gain insights that helped them grow their product catalog from 2,000 to 20,000 offerings. Within weeks, Yieldex Analytics became essential to helping the publisher discover new pockets of inventory and create new, targeted campaigns for their most important advertisers.
Yieldex Analytics brings better visibility, efficiency and forecasting to automotive web site
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Marketing Mag: Publishers Move Forward on Viewability Guarantees


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